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We all have emotions - and that's a good thing. Like so many others out there, co-founders Kristi and Ryan Holt experienced first-hand the difficulties of understanding and processing fear, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

In their struggles, Kristi and Ryan both had to overcome feelings that they were alone. Through their journeys, they found that they were never actually alone. Just about everyone they met was struggling with their emotional states and trauma in some way.

Eventually, Ryan and Kristi learned that feelings and emotions are telling you something about yourself. It's OK to feel, and having negative emotions does not mean something is wrong with you. The more we recognize, validate, and express our emotions, the better we feel.

That's where Vibeonix comes in. Vibeonix helps people navigate the complex emotions we all feel using voice analysis AI and through their journey of healing, feeling emotions connected them to themselves and others. Our emotions are thoughts in action. Take time for yourself and enjoy your experience.

It may feel like magic - it isn't.

Seconds. That's how long it takes to unlock self-awareness using Vibeonix's voice analysis AI. For many of our clients, that sounds just a little too good to be true. So we wanted to pull back the curtain and show you the science that makes it all happen.

Vibeonix works by capturing frequency data in the user's voice. While the participant is taking the assessment, Vibebonix measures voice frequencies, amplitudes, and wavelengths. Once our proprietary algorithm processes that information, we can provide information on the participant's emotions, and mental state.

And it's only getting better. The Vibeonix technology was built on over decades of open-sourced research around the globe and tested with thousands of users. And as the dataset continues to grow, the results continue to get even more accurate.

The numbers don't lie

Vibeonix is the fast, easy, and accurate way to check
in on your emotions.


Science-based, subject matter expert approved.


Of users increased emotional intelligence


Of users increased self-awareness


Accuracy reflecting emotions in the moment

Our Team

Kristi Holt

CEO Founder
Hi, I'm Kristi! I started Vibeonix with my husband because I experienced first-hand what it's like to have emotions and feelings that I didn't understand. I know what that feels like, and I know that technology can empower us to understand ourselves better. Mental and emotional health is an authentic thing. I'm excited to help make it accessible for everyone.

Lynsey Seabrook

I joined the Vibeonix team because of my background in education and mental health. I’ve personally seen the benefits of understanding and educating yourself on your own emotional state and truly believe that mental health is for everyone. Here at Vibeonix, I oversee channel partnerships and drive growth.

Sam Riega

I have almost three decades of experience in biotechnology, AI systems, and integration with healthcare delivery systems. That’s a complicated way to say I believe that technology can be used to improve human life in a very real way. With my background, joining Kristi and Vibeonix has been a perfect fit!

Paul Shin

I’m Paul, and I’m a storyteller. I love using stories to help build real brands and powerful experiences our customers will love. I’m excited to work with the Vibeonix team because I’ve felt the frustration that comes with burnout and stress. wasn’t aware of how poor my mental health had gotten, and I want to ensure everyone has an easy way to see exactly where they’re at.

Our Advisors

Dan Baird

My expertise has been in combining machine and deep learning with behavioral psychology. I've also started my own companies before. Now, I'm excited to combine my strategic thinking, machine learning knowledge, and bootstrapped entrepreneur grit with the Vibeonix team.

Scott Evans

Hey everyone, my name is Scott, and I love data. I specialize in translating data into products and objective insights to help drive Vibeonix forward. I enjoy taking data that seemed impossible to gather and turning it into a real asset. I want to make sure this data is easy to understand so it can be leveraged to help everyone improve their emotional wellbeing.

Jaynee Poulsen

Mental Health, Program Director for the SAFE project, CEO Give Back Program

John Sperry

CEO | Co -Founder of Halosight. Entrepreneur, Technologist, Investor

Peter Strople

Strategist. Conscious Capitalist, Venture Philanthropy

Channel Partners

Excalibur Metrix, Inc.

My name is Earl Ameen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Excalibur Metrix, Inc. Excalibur was founded to establish global channel partnerships with breakthrough technologies that possess measurable and sustainable benefits impactful to the whole of humanity.
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